Our Services

Established in 2003, AllWorks Design and Construction offers a wide range of services to the hospitality and related industries. With 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we understand the needs and mechanics of this wonderful environment. We are therefore able to construct a store from scratch to final occupation by the end-user.

We follow a quality approach in everything we do, taking into account our clients’ timelines, budgets, specifications and specific needs.

We actively participate on site with our service teams to ensure our best service at all times. Clients are provided with regular feedback throughout the project.

Based in Cape Town, AllWorks Design and Construction serves the hospitality industry in the greater Cape Town area and surrounds.

Our market
Our core business is the construction and fitting out of outlets in the hospitality industry. We specialise in the construction and customisation of outlets in the fast food industry, restaurants and nightclubs.

Our team
To offer turn-key operations, our professional team includes engineers, architects, graphic designers and interior decorators. Every job is managed as a project, using advanced project management software. For our clients, this translates into convenience, ongoing feedback, cost-savings and integrated services.

Our services

  • Construction: We design and build custom-designed outlets for the hospitality and related industries. This includes the construction of walls, the covering of walls and floors (screeds, floor re-airs, tiling) and the fitting out of outlets with equipment, fittings and fixtures.
  • Works: This includes stripping, rubble removal, hording, counter points, skirtings, ceilings, pedestal and joinery, doors and frames, wall repairs, painting and granite works.
  • Shop-fitting: We handle all aspects of shop-fitting, bulkheads and carpentry.
  • Electrical services: We handle all aspects of electrical services, including the installation of electrical points and the issuing of the relevant certificates of electrical compliance.
  • Plumbing: We handle all plumbing, including the installation and/or moving of plumbing points as well as waterproofing.
  • Wet works: We undertake all wet works.
  • Ventilation systems: We install ventilation and extraction canopy systems.
  • Metal works: We do stainless steel work, balustrades and specialised sheet metal works as per requirements.
  • Upholstery: We manufacture and upholster couches, chairs, bar stools, lampshades, etc.
  • Catering equipment: We buy, sell and install catering equipment.
  • Air-conditioning systems: We buy, sell and install air-conditioning systems.
  • Cold rooms and freezer rooms: We design and construct cold rooms and freezer rooms according to required specifications.
  • After-sales services: These services include maintenance and repairs to refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
  • Advisory services: We advise clients on the construction, design and fitting of need-specific outlets in the hospitality and related industries.

Social responsibility
AllWorks Design and Construction conducts its business in a socially responsible way, taking into account the development of people and the sustainable use of resources. We engage in social responsibility projects.

Company information
Company registration number: CK97/37525/23
VAT registration number: 404 025 3645